Squash, Yellow – Early Summer Crookneck




Our squash plants comes as a single plant in a 4″ pot.


I’ve grown Early Summer yellow crookneck squash for years.  It’s always been a steady producer, amazing really, how quickly a squash fruit can form once the plants are at size.  The past few years though, we’ve really started to have some trouble with cucumber beetles, which go after squash plants as well as cucumbers.  One technique that does seem to help is to transplant as seedlings instead of direct seeding so they have a jump start on the beetles.  Row cover is, of course, another option.  Grown by Native Americans in the Northeast originally.  Our seed is open pollinated from Fedco.

Squash is one of the last plants to go into the ground.  Our plants will be ready at the end of May / early June.

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“004ed” by Mark F. Levisay is licensed under CC BY 2.0