About Us

We are the Favinger Family.   We started Focal Point Farm in 2021 after we moved to Upstate New York.

 Previously, we owned and operated The Farm at Walnut Creek, a small 17 acre farm in Northern Virginia.  There we focused on pasture-raised eggs, pork, Thanksgiving Turkeys and vegetable seedlings.   In 2021, we sold the farm in Northern Virginia and moved to Upstate New York to slow down and embrace agrarian life.  We bought an old farmhouse situated on over 100, mostly forested, acres on the top of a hill overlooking the small village of Gilbertsville.  We chose to name our new farm “Focal Point Farm” after it’s role in our mind’s eye as we worked towards our goal.

Today, Focal Point Farm focuses on it’s plant nursery.  This small business provides hardy plants to the local community through the farmer’s market and our website.  We grow heirloom vegetable starts, ready for spring planting, and offer a range of ‘under-utilized’ plants for the landscape. We are especially interested in plants that play multiple roles in the landscape, ie. beautiful, edible, and pollinator friendly. 

We are hard at work expanding our trial gardens.  We will continue to revise our catalog to focus on finding and developing plants that play multiple roles in the garden and thrive in our local climate.  Please continue to check back for updates and follow us on social media.