Tomato – Black Krim




Ok, you got me.  I love tomatoes with non-standard colors, but ‘Black Krim’ is more then just it’s unique color, it taste’s great too.  Generally, I feel that the heirloom varieties have so much more tomato flavor, but Black Krim is a personal favorite– just sliced with salt and pepper.  Black Krim is indeterminate and comes from open-pollinated seed.  We source ours from Fedco.  Guidance for Black Krim is generally to pick them a bit early while there’s still some green.

Our tomato seedlings come as single plants in 4″ pots ready to plant.

There’s probably as many ways to grow tomatoes as there are gardeners.  Indeterminates are climbing varieties and many will train and/or prune to keep them neat.  We’ve grown them that way and we’ve just given them space and let them sprawl.  Both work and the choice is yours.

We’ll be sowing tomatoes in late March to have them ready for pickup in the end of May or early June.   Plant tomatoes in the garden after last frost, so for us that’s 5/30 – 6/6

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Black Krim Tomato, Seed Savers Exchange
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