Lettuce – Red Carpet Mix




Lettuce will be sold in packs of 4 for $6.99/each.


I’m a big fan of fresh lettuce.  Lettuce right off the plant is so much sweeter and more tender then what you get in the store.  It’s also so much more interesting both visually and in taste.  We offer a few different lettuce strains because we love the variety.  Red Carpet Mix comes from Fedco and features a number of different red and bronze leaf cultivars.  The nice thing with these is that you can harvest the outer leaves and let the plants keep growing.

Lettuce can get started early in the garden.  Our plants will be ready in April.

Red Carpet mix seed is open pollinated from Fedco.

Our plants are grown in 4 packs and since this is a mix, it’s very likely you’ll end up with different cultivars amongst the 4.

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Fedco seeds