Kale – Red Russian





Our kale, like our other greens will come in 4 packs (available at the end of April.)


Red Russian kale is the plant to grow if you’ve never been able to grow plants.  It’s hardy and vigorous and even if there may be some pest pressure, it’ll just keep on growing. This heirloom kale goes way back and for good reason.  It’s easy to grow, its cold tolerant, and it’s tasty.  Again, we like it mixed with other greens in salads, but like our mustards, we saute the larger leaves in some olive oil and enjoy it that was as well.  I also find Red Russian Kale to be a good looking plant and think it’s a good specimen for mixed / edible landscapes.

Our seed is open pollinated and comes from Fedco.

Image Credit:
“red russian kale” by jdavis is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
Red Russian Kale, Fedco Seeds