Broccoli – Early Purple Sprouting




Seedaholic has a wonderful write-up on this broccoli.  They describe variety as a sprouting broccoli or a true broccoli.  This means that it doesn’t form the large heads, that we commonly see in the grocery store, instead repeatedly forming a number of smaller sprouts.  Additionally, sprouting broccoli’s don’t flower the first year, and you need to let them over winter before you harvest.  We grew these here last year and they produced large plants but no sprouts.  Only time will tell if makes it through to sprouting in early spring …     All that said, I’ll be sowing this again, and welcome anyone who’s interested to give it a try.  I will also sow these earlier to see if we can get it to flower in the Fall.

This broccoli will be available as single plants in 4in pots in early May.  As noted, I want to try transplanting a more mature plant and see if that allows any yield in the fall.

Our seed is open pollinated and is provided by Seedaholic.

Image credits:
Broccoli ‘Early Purple Sprouting’, Seedaholic